What is Bible Hunt Geocaching?

Our Christian Geocaching Bible hunt combines children’s bible study with a fun outdoor scavenger hunt like activity. This is an opportunity for the whole family to get out doors in a safe way and experience the word of God together. Join us for 8 weeks of fun starting on May 3rd. On top of the ability to get out of the house and study God’s word together as a family we will also be giving away a Fire HD 10 tablet to one lucky winner at the end of the contest. There will be a new clue and an a new destination every week. Each child that sends the correct answer in will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize. Come up with 8 correct answers and you will have 8 chances to win! Each clue will be active for one whole week starting on Sunday.

How Do I Get Involved?

Contest Instructions

  • Come here each week to get a new destination in GPS coordinates
  • Type the coordinates into your Google Maps search bar
  • Follow Google Maps directions to location of the clue
  • Look for small box hidden at the clue location
  • Open box and read Bible passage together as a family
  • Read the question about Bible passage also found in the box
  • Look around the location to find an animal or an object that answers the question
  • Take a picture of your child with the correct animal or object in the background
  • Each child in the family should send in their own picture to be entered into the contest
  • Send that picture to me at 856-313-2278 along with the Child’s full name to be entered into the drawing
  • Put everything back in the box and put it back exactly where you found it so that others can find it later

Come back each week to get a new clue and play to improve your chances of winning the Grand prize!

Please remember to play safely! If a family is already at a clue site, stay in your car until they are done.

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